Nightfall EP (Latest Release):

Adam’s latest guitar album, Nightfall, demonstrates a diverse production approach and represents years of tone exploration with both nylon-string and electric guitars. The result is an immersive listening experience that is catchy, melodic, and awash with effects-laden instrumentation. Although his prior album releases were often associated with smooth jazz or world fusion, Nightfall features guitars with reverb-drenched harmonics and vocalesque melodies performed over neighboring (and not-so-neighboring) styles such as chill, lo-fi, post-rock, and ambient music.

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Bloom EP (2018)

Available for the first time! Bloom EP is a collection of new, previously unreleased, and remixed singles originally intended for release in 2018. Songs such as Wait for Me and Magnolia were previously unavailable in any format until now.

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Alive EP (2018)

Discoveries (2012)

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Echoes & Light (2009)

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